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Where did you first meet us?
My first meeting with PwC was on the occasion of the Recruiting Day organized by Bocconi University for its students.
Despite the fact that many companies were present at the event, PwC was one of the first to which I left my application.
I was immediately pleasantly surprised by the friendly and informal approach that HR showed towards the students who approached them answering their questions.

The enthusiasm, professionalism and sense of belonging of the people I met, gave rise to a great desire to become part of this reality. So I began to hope that my application would be successful and that I would receive a call for an interview. Fortunately, the call came.
What made you choose us?
I chose PwC because I strongly share its values, which can be perceived in the behavior of the people who are part of it and who contribute to creating a healthy, collaborative and friendly work environment.

PwC is a reality that allows, even the youngest, to "make a difference" by giving them the opportunity to give shape to their ideas to the point of "reimagining the limits of the possible", experimenting and learning from their mistakes. A fundamental requirement for working at PwC is to act in compliance with the rules, defending what is right even in the most uncomfortable circumstances. Teamwork is an essential component that allows us to collaborate by sharing relationships and skills always with the utmost attention to individuals.
Can you tell us about the most challenging project you have participated in?
At PwC you grow a lot and quickly also because you are immediately put to the test, directly in the field. Consistent with my activity as a recruiter, after a few months, I was asked to look for professional figures that were very difficult to find on the market. Thanks to the collaboration, teaching and deep expertise of my colleagues, I was able to achieve the goal I had set for myself.
Why would you recommend your friends to apply?
Because PwC is a unique reality that allows young people to grow both professionally and humanly in a meritocratic, challenging and dynamic context.