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Caterina has developed an interesting career path in PwC Deals. She has gained a strong experience in M&A Strategy and she is now a Partner in the team Deals Value Creation. She talks enthusiastically about her role and how she is still excited about learning new things everyday from her clients and colleagues.

What has been the highlight of your career in Deals with PwC?
There have been so many highlights of my career so far and I expect them to keep coming. I have been lucky to have been involved in lots of really interesting transactions over the years. The people I meet, the companies I visited, the odd places and environments I have worked in are all highlights of an exciting path. I think that one of the most enjoyable aspects and success of my job is when you can deliver a good result for a client, particularly when you know that the outcome is likely to have a really big impact on them.

What do you attribute your success to?
My success is based on the ability to place enthusiasm and passion at the center of whatever I do and to put forth hard work and dedication to accomplish the goals set out by me, the client and PwC. What has most contributed to my career growth is my drive and determination to succeed in every project I’m involved in and learning from each project and experience, in order to grow and become the best possible professional.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given about developing your career?
The best piece of advice I have ever been given is: “If you want to get better at your work, you must seek feedback. Otherwise, you’ll have no idea if you’re on the right path. Ask your boss or manager what you can do to be better at your job and be open to what your supervisor suggests, taking criticism constructively.”

What are the top three things you would say to women considering a career in PwC Deals?
  1. Take risks fearlessly. It is okay to make a mistake or even fail and it will not ruin your career. If you have a seat at the table, talk, give your opinions and speak up. Figure out what your strengths are, build on them, and take risks that allow you to stretch yourself.

  2. Believe in yourself and be prepared to work hard. Spend your career, from the early phases, acquiring skills and gaining experience that will compound over the long term. Don’t think that you have to be one of the boys if you want to succeed in PwC Deals; only if you bring your whole self you will make a difference.

  3. For women (supported by a great team at work and at home) anything and everything is possible. As a mum of two sons, I am a strong believer that you can have it all: a career, a family and a work life balance.

What is the best thing about working in a profession traditionally dominated by men?
Finance is a “man’s game” someone said. One of the most common challenges I’ve faced is being seen as an influential figure equal to that of my male coworkers. It seems that men are seen as the “natural leaders.” The secret to arise is to cultivate and preserve your female distinctive characteristics without turning you into a man. I enjoy attending highly crowded meetings with businessmen in suits and ties, bringing to the table a different approach and perspective, built on collaboration, creativity, relationship-building, emotional and social intelligence.