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Monia talks openly about the range of opportunities that the diverse and dynamic environment of Deals has to offer. She joined PwC in Assurance in Milan in 2002, where she gained good audit experience both in Italy and in the UK, moving to the Deals practise in 2006. She is now a Partner in Transaction Services, working on Italian and cross border transactions in a variety of industrial sectors.
Why were you attracted to Deals? 
I decided to work in Deals since I first started studying as I was interested in the complex and challenging world of M&A right from the off. I started as an auditor, a solid experience from a professional stand- point and when PwC subsequently offered me the opportunity to join Deals I immediately realised that it was what I was looking for!

Deals could be viewed as historically male dominated. What do you attribute your success to? 
Things are changing everywhere and also in PwC Deals, where female careers are a reality now. I attribute my success to my passion for my job and to my work ethic! Patience, commitment to continuously learn and the ability to listen to and connect with others are key pillars for success. The number one rule is: never quit and act with determination and resilience.

What would you say to any young women considering whether a career in Deals is for them? 
If you are interested in a dynamic environment and eager to learn, PwC Deals is what you’re looking for! You must be determined and full of energy: PwC Deals will be the place where you can challenge yourself and your comfort zone. Get prepared to work hard and you will be satisfied by your involvement in exciting projects and will get the most of each of them. In the long term, you will be proud to work closely with and support your clients.

What do you see as the benefits of the Edge programme? 
The Edge programme allows you to rotate into different areas of the Deals business and will give you the opportunity to understand the full deal cycle. You will immediately learn from various situations, points of view, colleagues and leadership styles. This is a fast learning curve and, in the long term, will lead to you becoming a well-rounded advisor.

What excites you about the work that you do? 
Working on high profile transactions with smart colleagues, where PwC teams can make the difference, gives me a sense of pride. I'm happy when the expertise gained during my career in PwC is acknowledged from my clients. The work is challenging and I still enjoy learning something new in each new Deal. I'm still passionate about my job!