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Sara is a Director in Deals Value Creation in Milan. She studied Industrial Engineering and Business Economics at Politecnico di Milano and joined PwC Italy in 2011. She has an impressive career background in post-deal integrations and transformation projects in the traditional banking sector and specialty finance segment. She talks openly about what brought her to Deals and encourages other STEM graduates to follow in her footsteps.

Tell us a little about what you do and your career background?
I graduated in Industrial Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and I immediately started to work in a Consulting Firm. I was attracted to this field because  I was seeking to be the enabler of clients transformation and I wanted to be actively part of it. What I brought from my university background was the analytical approach: dealing with  a problem in small pieces is the way to easily approach every issue! Now I am a Senior Manager in PwC Deals – Financial Services team. My everyday challenge is to manage highly complex projects, with many stakeholders. What I love the most in my work is dealing with high-profile, international client requests: every project is a new and exciting challenge.

Why were you attracted to Deals?
After many years in PwC Management Consulting, I had the chance to join PwC Deals focusing on pre- and post- deal projects. I decided to take this opportunity because the aspects of the new job that I really love are  taking part in some of the larger mergers & acquisitions and being the enabler of the overall transformation path of my clients. Moreover, working in Deals gives me the possibility to be at the forefront for value creation in terms of strategy, synergies enhancement and cost optimization.

What do you attribute your success to?
Lifelong learning is the key. Every project is a source of learning; every client request is an opportunity to enhance my knowledge. Curiosity is my everyday mantra.

What would you say to any young females debating whether a career in Deals is for them?
I would suggest to be prepared to work hard! At PwC Deals the sense of team is strong and you will work with people who challenge and support you to be better on a daily basis. Based on  my experience, I can tell that work and commitment are recognized: personal and professional satisfaction will be your reward. I just want to add that being successful in PwC Deals doesn’t mean you can’t have a well-balanced, healthy family life.

You are an engineer by background. Would you encourage STEM graduates to apply to Edge?
You shouldn’t be worried that your STEM background wouldn’t fit PwC Deals business and activities. The Edge programme allows STEM graduates to bring a new point of view, a distinctive way of analyzing the situation and the problem. Being appreciated by my team motivates me to really do my best and to become a role model to other young women.

What do you see as the benefits of the Edge programme?
Thanks to rotation, the Edge programme gives graduates the opportunity to work in different Deals business areas. You’ll have the possibility to work in various stages of a deal, understanding with the learning by doing the area that best fits you. Moreover, relationships play a key role: you will develop connections across PwC local teams as well as create an international network. Edge attendees build a variety of skills and knowledge that will be a differentiating factor during their career at PwC.

 What excites you about the work that you do?
I enjoy attending strategic meetings with C-levels, dealing every day with highly demanding clients with challenging requests and needs. I also appreciate the nature of the Deals projects, being strategic, technically challenging and client centric. Personal and professional satisfactions at the end of the day are really high.